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Shareholders of JMIIM Co., Ltd. Convened 2013 Annual General Meeting

Source:ZhongDe Metal Group Co., Ltd Author:Huang Jialing Date:2013-05-25

      On the afternoon of May 24, 2013, shareholders of Jieyang Metal Industry Investment Management Co., Ltd convened 2013 annual general meeting in Meizhou City Hakka Park Scenic Spot. All of shareholders of the company and representatives of Metal Enterprises Union of Jieyang attended the meeting.

      The meeting was chaired by Lin Gengxing, director of Jieyang Metal Industry Investment Management Co., Ltd and executive director of Metal Enterprises Union of Jieyang. Chairman of the company and MEUJ Wu Kedong firstly introduced the latest of the construction of ZhongDe Metal Eco-City and the important instructions on the idea of ‘three future oriented’ for Metal City made by Guangdong governor Zhu Xiaodan, that is, constructing ZhongDe Metal Eco-City into the future-oriented excellent works, the future-oriented new form of industrial park and the future-oriented new pattern of low-carbon circular economy. Afterwards, the project planning and design leader Zheng Chanbiao reported the progress of the project planning and construction. Director of the company and vice-president of MEUJ Sun Genghao reported the construction progress of Metal Surface Treatment Industrial Park. Director of the company and executive director of MEUJ Lin Zhongwei reported the company financial regulations and the revenue and expenditure of funds.

      ZhongDe Metal Eco-City is the major project for Jieyang City to promote the metal industrial transformation and upgrading, as well as the demonstration project of China-Germany cooperation. The project is invested, developed and constructed with the industrial funds raised by MEUJ, with a total planning investment of 50 billion yuan and an annual estimated gross output value of 150 billion yuan after the total completion in 2020, which will be an international metal industrial base and a demonstration base of national new-type industrialization and circular economy.

      The following day, all shareholders visited and investigated Meizhou Hakka Park Scenic Spot, the first park as a typical tourist industry in China, focusing on not only ecological protection, but also the inheritance and development of Hakka culture, integrating tourism, education, business, culture and industry with the city planning and the construction of ecological environment. After the investigation, Lin Zhongwei said, the construction of ZhongDe Metal Eco-City should learn from the experiences of Hakka Park, focusing on the environmental protection to explore a green development way, promote the industrial transformation and upgrading, and construct a green industrial ecological park where people live in harmony with nature.

Shareholders of JMIIM Co., Ltd Convened An Annual General Meeting

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