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ZhongDe Metal Group Co.,Ltd.


    ZhongDe Metal Group Co.,Ltd., headquartered in Jieyang City of Guangdong Province, as a main part of investment, development, construction and operation of ZhongDe Metal Eco-City.


    ZhongDe Metal Group is established by the exploration of the Metal Enterprises Union of Jieyang for a new pattern of industrial transformation and development, with the first industrial fund in China (Jieyang Metal Industrial Investment Funds) which is launched, raised and constructed by itself, undertaking the work of planning, construction, investment attraction and operation of ZhongDe Metal Eco-City with a way of capital operation.


    Currently, a substantial progress is achieved in the development, construction and China-Germany cooperation of the project ZhongDe Metal Eco-City. A series of cooperation agreements have been signed, such as a cooperation agreement with RSBK GmbH established by former German Federal Minister of Defense Rudolf Scharping, a vocational education cooperation memorandum of understanding with Confederation of German Trade Unions, a cooperation agreement on co-constructing Chinese-German Innovational Platform in Metal Industry with the Foundation for Family Business.


    Guangdong Party chief Hu Chunhua and Guangdong governor Zhu Xiaodan respectively investigates ZhongDe Metal Eco-City and listens to the reports for many times, expressing provincial government’s full support to the construction of ZhongDe Metal Eco-City to promote the multi-field cooperation with Germany and achieve mutual benefit and win-win results for both sides.


    Now the subsidiary companies of the Group are Jieyang Surface Treatment Eco-industrial Park Co.,Ltd., Jieyang ZhongDe Industrial Design Institute Co.,Ltd., Jieyang ZhongKe Institute of Metal Technology Co.,Ltd., Guangdong ZhongDe Metal Technology Research and Development Co.,Ltd., Guangdong ZhongDe Construction Engineering Co.,Ltd.

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