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Guangdong province governor Zhu Xiaodan visit investigation

Source:ZhongDe Metal Group Co., Ltd. Author:Huang Jialing Date:2012-10-23

    October 23 morning, the Provincial Committee, Governor Zhu Xiaodan party come Jieyang City Metal Business Association survey, Chen Lvping Jieyang Municipal Committee, Municipal Committee, mayor and other city leaders Chen Dong Zhu Xiaodan governor and his entourage on a warm welcome, Jieyang City metal enterprise Management Association Wuke Dong, executive chairman Lin Chung-wei, Lin Gengxing, accompanied visit.

    Mayor Chen Dong brief description of the Jieyang City in recent years, the metal industry and metal industry to upgrade the profile of Wuke Dong president metal detailing Jieyang city construction, planning, development, and subsequently governor Zhu Xiaodan watched the "industrial renaissance, brilliant rise - Jieyang metal industry 20 years Parade "promo, he Jieyang metal industry innovation model and fully affirmed and hope to continue to play Jieyang metal industry cluster advantages, continue to enhance independent innovation, started its own brand, cultivate leading enterprises, to accelerate industrial transformation and upgrading, construction of well-Guangdong make new contributions.







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