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Cooperation with the Saxony Ministry of the Environment

Source:ZhongDe Metal Group Co., Ltd. Author: Date:2017-07-24

Cooperation with the Saxony Ministry of the Environment
ZhongDe Metal Group opens office in Dresden

Anja Barlen-Herbig / Saxony State Ministry of Environment and Agriculture 19.07.2017 | MEC companies, environment

Official opening of Dresden office: Thomas Schmidt, Minister of Environment and Food Industry in Saxony, has opened the office of ZhongDe Metal Group GmbH in the BioInnovation Center in Dresden together with Lu Xiulu, the Minister of Environment in Guangdong Province in Chinese. In cooperation with the ZhongDe Metal Group, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology hopes to enable Saxony SMEs to enter the Chinese market without risk.

"I am pleased that the commitment of an office’s opening in Dresden has been respected and just two months after my visiting to the Metal Eco City in Jieyang, we are now seeing the opening of the MEC office in Saxony’ capital. This shows Chinese partners’ great interest in cooperating with Saxony companies in environmental protection industry. The participation of my Chinese colleague Lu Xiulu with his company delegation also underlines this, "said Minister Schmidt.

ZhongDe Metal Group develops and operates several industrial parks in Guangdong Province, including the Metal Eco City in Jieyang. Innovative environmental technology is in demand all over China. In the Metal Eco City, sustainability and environmental protection are of particular importance. Jieyang is the China’s Metal Base - with more than 7600 companies in metal and electroplating industry.


"There is a correspondingly high demand for modern environmental technology, as many Chinese companies must implement comprehensive measures for waste water treatment, air pollution control or soil protection in order not to lose their business permit. It is precisely the Saxony companies in environmental technology who can offer a lot. " the minister said.

Mike de Vries, Chairman of ZhongDe Metal Group GmbH, emphasized the importance of the Chinese-German SME cooperation at the opening ceremony and pointed out the great opportunities currently for German entrepreneurs in South China. "This cooperation can become a win-win situation for all stakeholders - entrepreneurs can open up new markets in the Asian region and help China meet the challenges of industrial transformation.

Besides the Metal Eco City in Jieyang, we are now developing several business locations in the Guangdong Province, where innovative environmental technology for German companies is in demand. This is a great opportunity for our entrepreneurs, "says de Vries. " ZhongDe Metal Group is looking forward to working with Saxony as the Saxony entrepreneurs are known for their openness and dynamism and are very interested in the Asian markets."

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