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ZhongDe Metal Group becomes main sponsor for German basketball team

Source:ZhongDe Metal Group Co., Ltd. Author:ZhongDe Metal Group Co., Ltd. Date:2014-11-02

ZhongDe Metal Group becomes main sponsor for German basketball team

Witness peak moment in basketball game ALBA Berlin vs Spurs


    On September 15thof local time, in 2014, ZhongDe Metal Group signed a three-year contract with German ALBA Berlin, becoming the main sponsor besides ALBA Group.


    ALBA Berlin founded in 1989, has won eight championships of German Federal Basketball League and Cup, and the European Champions’ Cup. Over the past 25 years, ALBA Berlin always keeps the high competitiveness and has a good reputation in international basketball. So far, it is the first European basketball team mainly sponsored by Chinese enterprise whose logo printed on the sports clothes.

    Logo of ZhongDe Metal Group showed in NBA preseason court aroused great attentions. During the match between German and American champion teams, with James McLean’s final shot before the whistle, ALBA Berlin beat NBA Spurs and finished the season very well. Therefore, through this event, a high-end enterprise image of globalization of ZhongDe Metal Group is fully displayed and the overall awareness about the company is improved in Europe.


    Supervisor of ALBA Berlin Dr. Axel Schweitzer says, since 2011 the first professional training camp in China has been founded with constant mutual cooperation and this cooperation is more significant to build Germany-China cultural bridge. Vice president of ZhongDe Metal Group Liu Feizhou says that an innovative partnership with ALBA Berlin established and successful communication about environmental protection technology shows that the cooperation between both sides can be various and flexible in fields of economy, culture and sports training.


Mayor of Berlin Germany Klaus Wowereit receives the delegation from ZhongDe Metal Group in Red City Hall


Agreement signed between ZhongDe Metal Group and Basketball team ALBA Berlin


New sports clothes with logo of ZhongDe Metal Group (Axel Schweitzer, Huang Zehui, Liu Feizhou and Marco Baldi)


ALBA Berlin beats NBA Spurs

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