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Compete to carry out Sino-German Cooperation Program

Source:ZhongDe Metal Group Co., Ltd. Author:ZhongDe Metal Group Co., Ltd. Date:2014-10-18

Compete to carry out Sino-German Cooperation Program

Sino-German Metal Eco City strive to be Sino-German cooperative leading project


    On Oct. 10th, the third round of Sino-German government negotiations was hosted by Chinese Premier Li Keqiang and German Chancellor Angela Merkel, delivering Sino-German Cooperation Program with a theme of “innovation”. The program, which includes over 200 specific cooperation initiatives, projects and measures and covers over 20 particular fields of Sino-German cooperation, is so far a joint document richest in content between China and Germany.

    While all circles in both China and Germany heatedly discuss the program and make the wave of pragmatic cooperation, Sino-German Metal Eco City has competed to be the first practicers through learning from and cooperating with Germany especially in the fields of environmental protection and industrial upgrading, in order to play a leading and demonstration role in the exploration about innovation in industrial park construction and management system, international cooperation way, transformation and upgrading mode of traditional competitive industries.


    China and Germany jointly innovate upon development mode of industrial park


    As a core document of the third round of Sino-German government negotiations, Sino-German Cooperation Program highlights innovative cooperation. Chinese and German governments decide to take the opportunity of building innovation partnership and focus on innovative cooperation in fields of industry, technology, agriculture, education, environmental protection, urbanization, health care and social security, including innovative cooperation modes, mechanism and measures.  

    Sino-German Metal Eco City emerges at the right moment with the growing maturity of Sino-German cooperation, relying on innovative operation mode of “led by Party committee, guided by government, dominated by association, run by enterprise, operated by market”, actively exploring new modes in the transformation and upgrading of traditional competitive industries, the park running with private capital, the pollution treatment through energy saving and emission reduction, the integration of industry and city. As friendly relationship with Germany constantly deepened, Sino-German Metal Eco City is to be constructed into the important platform for Sino-German cooperation, the demonstration area for the concentrated and intensive development of traditional competitive industries, the promotion of cleaner production and circular economy.


    Sino-German innovative cooperation not only is based on the present, but also looks towards the long term. As a technical partner from Germany in Sino-German Metal Eco City, TU Darmstadt Prof. Martin Wagner expresses his confidence in the project development and demonstration effect. He says that the innovative partnership developed between Germany and China will inject new impetus into mutual cooperation and respective development. “In future German enterprises are able to invest in Chinese market more openly, which benefits both Chinese and German.” 

    Solve difficulties in wastewater treatment


    Sino-German Cooperation Program is regarded as a document containing the broadest cooperation fields and the largest number of cooperation projects between China and Europe, the core of which is cooperation in “Industry 4.0”, revealing Chinese government’s determination and courage to make an updated version in economy. In the future two countries have common concerns in fields of electric cars, energy control (10.63, 0.23, 2.21%), intelligent home, water supply and wastewater treatment, and these are expected to be new directions for Sino-German industrial cooperation. 


    Based on the urgent need in wastewater treatment construction in China, electroplating and acid-pickling designated center is initially included in the the first-phase project of Sino-German Metal Eco City, which focuses on centralized treatment of industrial wastewater. The core of wastewater treatment technology in Surface Treatment Industrial Park is membrane concentration technology, adopted from German Berlinwasser. After treatment, electroplating wastewater can be recycled into 99.6% production water supply with a little water evaporated and  heavy metal pollutants recycled, which achieves genuine zero release.


    Besides that, ZhongDe Metal Group signs an agreement with TU Darmstadt on cooperation of constructing the first domestic wastewater recycling and solid waste comprehensive treatment system adopting German semi-centralized supply and treatment systems, as a demonstration project achieving water supply and disposal, wastewater treatment and recycling, solid waste treatment and utilization. Meanwhile, an area is constructed for semi-centralized wastewater treatment R&D and equipment production, to promote the treatment system in Guangdong and other regions in China, solving difficulties in environmental protection for urban cities.


    Make the platform larger to deepen SMEs’ cooperation


   Both sides declare in Sino-German cooperation program that negotiations should be carried on about Sino-German SMEs policy and cooperation should be further carried out on SMEs policy communication and managerial personnel training. Meanwhile, internationalization of high-tech startup enterprises is mutually supported through constructing startup enterprises accelerator. Innovative cooperation modes and specific projects continue to be promoted by both sides acting as a go-between for SMEs cooperation.


    Since the construction of Sino-German Metal Eco City, it has been an ideal place for domestic and foreign investors especially German SMEs entering China. So far, 17 enterprises including German ALBA group, Ferinand Menrad, ASANUS Medizintechnik have decided to invest in the park and signed contracts. Over 20 European industrial associations including German Chambers of Industry and Commerce, German Family Business Foundation, Austrian Chamber of Commerce Machinery Manufacturing and Steel Branch, Spain Catalonia Metal Center and so on have carried out deep cooperation with the industrial park.


    In September of this year, a delegation led by Dieter Hundt, Former President of the Confederation of German Employers’ Association, visited Jieyang and specially investigated Sino-German Metal Eco City. Deputy Secretary of the CPC Jieyang Municipal Committee and Mayor of Municipal Government Chen Dong had further communication with the delegation on Sino-German SMEs cooperation and they reached consensus on supporting the establishment of Sino-German SMEs cooperation fund and co-building a home for Sino-German SMEs cooperation. Dieter Hundt also made an active response in specific cooperation such as acting as a go-between for Sino-German SMEs cooperation, carrying out dual-system training for industrial workers, and etc.


    Go a way of new-type urbanization


    In the Chinese-German Forum for Economic and Technological Cooperation, Premier Li Keqiang expresses that Sino-German cooperation has an updated version but no ultimate one. The cooperation program continues current goals of China in promoting new-type industrialization, informatization, urbanization and agricultural modernization, further listing sustainable urbanization on the agenda for deepening Sino-German cooperation. As a demonstration project for promoting industry of Guangdong especially local traditional industry transformation and upgrading, Sino-German Metal Eco City goes with the trend of international development and the need of Chinese economic transformation with prospective exploration.


    In the forum, the cooperation project signed by ZhongDe Metal Group and Wista managing Adlershof is an important measure of innovative park management in Sino-German Metal Eco City. As Adlershof is the most successful science and technology park in Germany, Sino-German Metal Eco City introduces advanced management concept and experience of Adlershof’s management institution Wista, gradually builds international innovative incubator, industrial incubator, Sino-German industrial cooperation base and other projects, to achieve innovation of park construction and management system, taking a positive step in exploration of new-type urbanization construction.

    In May of this year, Sino-German Resources Regeneration Base started construction in Jieyang with an investment of RMB 3 billion. After completed, it will be a regenerative resources center in eastern Guangdong, Guangdong solid waste treatment and recycling distributing center, China third generation household waste treatment technology demonstration project, Sino-German environmental protection and resources recycling demonstration area, to promotion new-type urbanization of Jieyang. In August, the second round of Sustainable Development Dialogue between the CPC and the SPD was carried out in Jieyang. Sino-German Metal Eco City will be supported as an experimental site of Sino-German cooperation in new urbanization and a duplicable and promotable sample with urbanization vision of integration of city and industry, people-oriented service, ecological optimization, systematic development.


    Vocational education trains talents to support industry to ascend a height


    The program points out, Sino-German vocational cooperation should be further improved through the improvement of operation mechanism in Sino-German Vocational Education Cooperation Demonstration Base, and Chinese vocational colleges or institutions are supported to cooperate with German institutions to co-construct Sino-German Vocational Education Cooperation Center.


    Early in April of last year, the Metal Enterprises Union of Jieyang signed the Memorandum of Understanding on Sino-German Vocational Education with German Federation of Trade Unions of Hessian and Thuringia about co-constructing Sino-German Industrial University of Science and Technology. After that, a cooperation agreement was signed with Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences to co-construct Sino-German Dual University of Applied Sciences as the first one in China settling in Jieyang to offer tallents for industrial development of Sino-German Metal Eco City.


    Sino-German cooperation program is the route map for future Sino-German cooperation, which accords with the definition of Sino-German comprehensive strategic partnership put forward in President Xi Jinping’s visit to Germany in March of this year. An innovative way to learn and practice the document essential is taken in Sino-German Metal Eco City, to interpret what President says, “with the integration of ‘Made in Germany’ and ‘Made in China’, we will not only produce quality products together, but also make life better and more inspiring for our two peoples”.


Witnessed by Chinese President Xi Jinping and German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Jieyang Municipal Government, Guangdong Rising Assets Management Co., Ltd. and ALBA Group signed a cooperation agreement on Sino-German Resources Regeneration Base project.


Philipp Missfelder, German CDU officer and foreign policy spokesman of the CDU/CSU parliamentary group started the auspicious lever with Secretary of the CPC Jieyang municipal committee Chen Lyuping for Groundbreaking Ceremony of Sino-German Innovative Center.

Vice-minister of the National Development and Reform Commission Xu Xianping and German Secretary of State Matthias Machnig witness the signing of Sino-German Water Treatment and Resource Utilization.

Vice-minister of the National Development and Reform Commission Xu Xianping and German Secretary of State Matthias Machnig witness the signing of Co-Constructing Sino-German Metal Eco City.


Construction of 11 buildings in Surface Treatment Center has been done with a capacity of over 200 electroplating enterprises or over 1500 electroplating processing lines.


Forest Cultural Park has beautiful scenery and it will be a tourist attraction integrating Sino-German culture and ecological landscape.


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