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Pilot area for new-type urbanization of Sino-German cooperation

Source:ZhongDe Metal Group Co., Ltd. Author:ZhongDe Metal Group Co., Ltd. Date:2014-09-02

The CPC and the SPD successfully carried out Sustainable Development Dialogue II in Jieyang

Sino-German Metal Eco City as pilot area for new-type urbanization of Sino-German cooperation

Gümbel, Li Jinjun, Chen Yunxian, Chen Lyuping and so on attended activities and made speeches

Chen Dong and others made keynote speeches


    On the morning of Aug. 27th, two parties between China and Germany successfully carried out the second round of Sustainable Development Dialogue in Jieyang, which was hosted by the International Department of the CPC Central Committee and Friedrich Ebert Foundation. Totally over 100 participants took part in the conference including relevant representatives, specialists and entrepreneurs from the CPC and the SPD.


    Leaders attended the activities and made speeches were Vice President of German SPD and President of Hessen Thorsten Schäfer-Gümbel, Vice Minister of the International Department of the CPC Central Committee Li Jinjun, Vice Governor of Guangdong Chen Yunxian and so on. Secretary of the CPC Jieyang Municipal Committee and Director of the Municipal People’s Congress Standing Committee Chen Lyuping delivered a welcoming speech. Keynote speechmakers were German Federal Parliament Members Matthias Miersch and Nina Scheer, Institute Director of Spatial Planning & Regional Economy of NDRC Xiao Jincheng, Vice President of the Chinese Academy for Environmental Planning of the SEPA Wu Shunze, Dean of Guanghua School of Management, Peking University Cai Hongbin, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Jieyang Municipal Committee and Mayor of Jieyang Chen Dong, and etc.


    In recent years, strategic policies from the Party Central Committee and the Guangdong Provincial Party Committee were firmly implemented. Under the careful guidance and full support from the International Department, with the strong leadership and promotion from the Guangdong Provincial Party Commiittee and Government, relying on the metal industry of long history, Sino-German Metal Eco City is co-constructed to achieve active exploration and results in the fields of industrial pollution treatment, industrial transformation and upgrading, integration of city and industry, new-type urbanization. So far, 18 European enterprises have officially invested in the park, like ALBA, Devetec, ASANUS and etc. Fraunhofer Institute, the DIHK, German Foundation of Family Business and so on would come to set up their bases in China. Guangdong Provincial Party Committee and Government would strongly promote Sino-German Metal Eco City to be constructed into an important platform for Guangdong cooperating with Germany, and the International Department would treat it as a key support project of inter-party pragmatic diplomacy.


    According to the theme of Sustainable Urbanization, especially on subjects around urbanization of “People Oriented”,”Ecology First”,”Integration of City and Industry” and “Urbanization Partnership”, speechmakers had further discussions and reached broad consensus. They highly appreciated the exploration and practice in Sino-German Metal Eco City, which was supported as a pilot area for new-type urbanization of Sino-German cooperation, constructed into a Sino-German cooperation model of sustainable urbanization with advanced experiences and perspective exploration, created as a duplicable and promotable example with a prospect of new-type urbanization including the integration of industry and city, the human services, the ecological optimization and the system development.


    Li Jinjun pointed out in his closing speech that with the support from the International Department and the SPD, Sino-German Metal Eco City had made a gratifying progress as a new project integrated with industrial upgrading, ecological development, combination of production, education and scientific research, integration of industry and city. Hopefully joint efforts would be made to construct Sino-German Metal Eco City into an important platform of Sino-German deep cooperation to promote the development of Sino-German all-round strategic partnership.


    Chen Yunxian said, Sino-German Metal Eco City was not only an important platform for cooperation between Guangdong and Germany, but also an experimental field for exploring new forms of pragmatic cooperation between the CPC and the SPD in the new period. Guangdong provincial committee and government attached great importance and full support to the construction of Sino-German Metal Eco City with the hope of cooperation to construct it into a new highlight in the cooperation with Germany and inter-party exchanges.


    Gümbel highly appreciated the advanced ideas of green ecology, low carbon and energy saving in Sino-German Metal Eco City. He hoped that based on the good all-round strategic partnership, mutual understanding would be enhanced and consensus would be reached through successfully hosting the conference to achieve pragmatic cooperation on series of projects.


    Chen Lyuping said in his speech that Sino-German Metal Eco City had become an important platform for economic cooperation between Guangdong and Germany. He wished to treat the conference as a new starting point to have further and efficient cooperation with Germany in higher level, broader field and more space.


    In the afternoon, the guests also visited Sino-German Metal Eco City for investigation, attended the open ceremony of the forest park to plant Fenghuang trees which symbolized Sino-German friendship.


    The conference was chaired by Zhang Jianguo, Deputy Director of Bureau of Western European Affairs in the International Department of the CPC Central Committee. People also attended activities were leaders from municipal government Chen Dingxiong, Zhang Shiyi, Cai Bangfan, Zhang Huiling and ones from ZhongDe Metal Group.


Further discussions are hold among political, business and research circles about how to achieve new-type urbanization combining governing ideas, industrial experiences and research achievements


Sustainable Development Dialogue II between the CPC and the SPD


Participants and guests visit Five Centers construction site in Sino-German Metal Eco City


Participants and guests visit Project Exhibition Hall


Open ceremony of Forest Park in Sino-German Metal Eco City


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