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Collaborate with vbw for construction of Sino-German Metal Eco City

Source:ZhongDe Metal Group Co., Ltd. Author:ZhongDe Metal Group Co., Ltd. Date:2014-08-15

    Aug. 12th, Vice-Secretary of the CPC Municipal Committee and Mayor Chen Dong met with Bertram Brossardt, CEO of the Bavarian Industry Association (vbw) and Bavarian Metalworking and Electrical Employers (baymevbm). Both sides had further discussions about how to promote the cooperation in Sino-German Metal Eco City project, and they reached a consensus to comprehensively deepen cooperation.


    Chen points out, as an important platform for cooperation with Germany in Guangdong, Sino-German Metal Eco City is to be constructed into a demonstration project of international cooperation with innovative system, technology and operation mode. It is expected to cooperate with the vbw in Jieyang and hoped that the vbw would treat Sino-German Metal Eco City as its development base; Sino-German SMEs Cooperation and Exchange Conference as well as Sino-German Industrial Cooperation Education and Training Base would be co-organized through cooperation among associations; with the help of cooperation on cross-border e-commerce, multi-channel and multi-field cooperation would be sought to promote Sino-German trade and exchanges to achieve win-win development in the fields of industry, training, commerce and trade, etc.


    Brossardt expressed that Sino-German Metal Eco City had good conditions to attract the vbw in aspects of planning concept, construction scale and development prospect so as to have broad cooperation space for both sides. Taking the opportunity of this visit, mutual understanding is deepened to promote more advanced German enterprises to settle in the park for establishing long-term cooperative partnership and creating a win-win situation.


    During the visit, Brossardt and the delegation made a special trip to Sino-German Metal Eco City for investigation, learning in detail about the relevant information of the park.


    Leaders attending the activities are Deputy Director-General of Provincial Commerce Department Cai Yong, Deputy Mayor Zhang Shiyi, Vice President of the CPPCC Municipal Committee and Secretary-General of Municipal Government CaiBangfan, Party Member of Municipal Government Zhang Huiling, Chairman of Education Foundation of the Bavarian Economy(bbw) Gunther Georg Goth, and etc. Related leaders from ZhongDe Metal Group accompany them in the investigation.


Chen Dong and Brossardt discuss about how to promote the cooperation in the project


The delegation visits the project exhibition hall in Sino-German Metal Eco City, listening to the introduction about the park construction and project investment


The delegation holds a meeting with related leaders from ZhongDe Metal Group for discussions about cooperative projects


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