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Make Full Use of German Educational Resources to PromoteTransformationand Upgrading of Enterprises in Jieyang

Source:jynews.net Author:jynews.net Date:2014-08-15


    Gunther Georg Goth,Chairman of Education Foundation of the Bavarian Economy(bbw)cameto visit Jieyang. Inthe interview, he expressed his hope to help train and provide outstanding personnel with rich training experiences and educational resources of the group, so as to meet the development requirement of Jieyang and contribute to the transformation and upgrading of its enterprises.


    After visitingSino-German Metal EcoCity andlearning about the information of construction scale、overall plan and operation mode, Gunther Georg Goth showed great interest in the cooperation with Jieyang in the field of education and training. He believed the future development of Sino-German Metal EcoCity would require a steady stream of high-quality human resources, which needed solid foundation and rich experience in the field of education and training from the bbw, one of thelargest social and vocational training institutions in Germany. “Ifboth sides cooperate,trainings could be started soon including vocational education, short-term training, especially training for enterprise management personnel and skilled workers.” Gunther Georg Goth said, with full confidence.


    As for how to further promote bilateral cooperation in the field of education and training, Goth considered it should be divided into different levels according to the actual demand of Jieyang’s development. Firstly, the emphasis could be put on short-term language training and corporate management training so as to help employees enhance new corporate management philosophy and improveadaptability of external development. Secondly, the on-the-job training should be tailored to the skilled workers so as to enhance their work efficiency, consciousness for productqualityandtheir overall quality. Thirdly, the establishment of vocational and technical training schoolsrequired joint efforts from local government, Sino-German Metal EcoCity and the bbw to achievethe regular, long-term and planned cultivation of successors for enterprises. “Currently, the bbwhave obtained government permission to found a university and we are looking for opportunities to work on the dual-system university in Sino-German Metal EcoCity.” Goth said.


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