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Jieyang delegation visits Bocholt Industrial Park for investigation

Source:ZhongDe Metal Group Co., Ltd. Author:ZhongDe Metal Group Co., Ltd. Date:2014-06-27

    On Jun. 23rd, a delegation of seven people from Jieyang City of China visited Bocholt in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia Germany for investigation, making a special trip to Bocholt Industrial Park.


    Bocholt, where a high-tech industrial park with an area of 250 hectare has been developed since 1982. And it is a famous EU City as well as a commercial center in the northwest of Germany with a history of 800 years. Many well-known enterprises invest there such as Siemens communication devices branch, Flender machinery company, Aiping pipes (pipe-jacking) company and etc. With the help of the friendly relationship with Bocholt Economic Promotion Association and NRW.Invest GmbH, the delegation visited the industrial park for learning its experience in city planning and environmental protection and promoting the economic and trade cooperation of both sides.


    On that morning, the delegation visited Bocholt City Hall and received a warm welcome from Mayor Peter Nebelo. Ludger Dieckhues, general manager of Economic Promotion & City Marketing Company, made an introduction of Bocholt to the delegation and watched the video about Sino-German Metal Eco City project. After talks, they went and visited Bocholt Industrial Park. The delegation spoke highly of the greening construction of the park and the development level of SMEs, and they expressed a wish of introducing successful methods of Bocholt Industrial Park to Sino-German Metal Eco City to promote Sino-German highest-level cooperative projects.


    The delegation also visited the workshop of Grunewald Modeling Company and learned about the manual iron casting auto parts. Afterwards, they visited the technical park and  Westfälischen Hochschule, holding talks with Prof. Dr. Alfred Schoo about NRW education system. After visiting the mechatronics lab there, the delegation finished a busy day.


    In the following day, the delegation are going to attend Award Ceremony of China Awards from NRW.Invest and then visit Münchheide industrial park in Willich, starting a new trip to Bavaria.


Mayor Peter Nebelo (3rd L), Ludger Dieckhues (2nd L) and the delegation, in Bocholt City Hall


Head of Grunewald Dr. Jörg Detering (4th L) and the delegation, before the casting workshop


Prof. Dr. Alfred Schoo and the delegation, in Westfälischen Hochschule


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