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German educational resources accelerate the transformation and upgrading of Jieyang

Source:JYNEWS.NET Author:JYNEWS.NET Date:2014-05-24

    In the morning of May22, Deputy Secretary of Jieyang Municipal Party Committee, Mayor Chen Dong and a delegation led by general manager of BBW Anna Engel Koehler had a deep discussion in Jieyang, and reached cooperation intention in the area of education and training.


    In the discussion, Mayor Chen Dong introduced the development of Jieyang’s economy and society to the delegation led by Anna Engel Koehler. Chen Dong points out that great attention is paid to the cooperation with Germany in the area of education and training, and the guarantee of human resources is urgent. Jieyang wishes to construct the education & training base for Sino-German industrial cooperation with BBW for BBW possesses rich training experience, highly qualified teachers, and a background of metal industry, and comprehensively broaden the cooperation in education and training between both sides in order to ensure more excellenteducational resources settle in Sino-German Metal Eco City and to provide outstanding talents for the cooperation between both sides.


    Anna Engel Koehler highly appreciates the concept and the speed of the construction of Sino-German Metal Eco City, and Anna Engel Koehler thinks that the prospect of mutual cooperation ineducation and training is broad because of the forward-lookingplanning of Sino-German Metal Eco City.Anna Engel Koehler will strengthen exchange and actively promote the cooperation in the area of education and training between BBW and Jieyang City.


    During the stay in Jieyang, the delegation led by Anna Engel Koehler also visited Sino-German Metal Eco City to learn in detail about the construction process of the park.


    It is known that BBW, a nonprofit organization founded by BFZ in 1969, is one of the largest social education and vocational traininginstitutions. Shanghai Bavarian Vocational Training Consulting Co., Ltd, BBW’s subsidiary, provides short-term training that is tailored to the skilled workers in the area of metal processing in order to improve the working efficiency and the awareness of quality of the skilled workersin the shortest time and with the lowest cost and to meet the requirement of the enterprises in term of production, maintenance and assembly.


    Member of the CPC Party Leadership Group Zhang Huiling and chief representative of China office of Ministry of Economic Affairs of Bavaria Markus Wittmannalso attended the activities.



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