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Jieyang cooperates with Germany to create Sino-German Metal Eco City

Source:chinanews Author:chinanews Date:2014-05-08


Located in Yujiao Town, Jiedong District, Sino-German Metal Eco Cityis striving to become a pioneer in the new round of comprehensive cooperation between China and Germany.


Because of the abundant private capitaland the booming private economy,Jieyang becomes one of the most flourishing economic areas in Guangdong Province. The private economy accounts for 72% of Jieynag’s GDP. The metal industry is the pillar industry of Jieyang, and the most centralized industry of the private enterprises. The metal enterprises should expand production when they develop to a certain degree, but they are faced with the bottleneck of insufficient funds and industrial land shortage.


Vice president of ZhongDe Metal Group Co., Ltd. LiuFeizhou


As the Chinese Hardware Base City, Jieyang metal industry has more than seven thousand enterprises with a working population of 400 thousands. The metal industry is advanced but these enterprises are in the bottom of the industry chain, and they are scattered around Jieyang, thus the pollution cannot be well solved and the enterprises are suffering restriction for further development.


Under the organization of the municipal government, the private enterprises huddled together for development and then the Metal Enterprises Union of Jieyangset upthe first industrial fund in China which is launched, raised and constructed by industry association itself. The first raised fund is 1 billion RMB, and it is invested in the construction of Sino-German Metal EcoCity with a way of capital operation.


Secretary of the Jieyang Municipal Party Committee Chen Lvping


Sino-German Metal EcoCity is a good start to build a new pattern of externalcooperation. We will comprehensively deepen reform, seek for a method of international cooperation for openingwider to the outside world and introducing high-end resources, and strengthen the direct cooperation with European and American developed countries, and finally develop Jieyang as the strategic fulcrumof Guangdong’s opening up.


Through investigation, Jieyanggovernment, ZhongKe Institute and Peking University Guanghua School of Management jointly discussed on how to create industrial cluster. Now Sino-German Metal EcoCityhas established relationships with nine German industry associations, Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft and two Spanishscientific research institutions. With the support of the government, it establishes connectionof industries and enterprises with Germany, Spain and Austria. The channels of international cooperation are widened and German development experience is beneficial for the development mode of Sino-German Metal EcoCity.


Supervisor of International Affairs Development Department in WISTAManagement GmbH Dr. Helge Neumann 


We will give a report to ZhongDe Metal Group about the management experience accumulated in the past twenty years when operating German scientific park, and has a discussion with Chinese side. On this basis,we will draw a conclusion on how to establish systematicmanagement mechanism, which willmake Chinese sidebenefit from our experience and establish efficient working mechanism.


Consultant of ZhongDe Metal Group Cao Baijun says that the booming economy of China gathers technology and capital andChinese market needs high quality products, thusSino-German Metal Eco City emerges as the times require.


Consultant of ZhongDe Metal Group Cao Baijun


Germany is the most open country in technology export and technology transfer. Compared with other EU countries, German enterprises develop more rapidly in terms of the cooperation with China. Due to the European debt crisis, German small and medium-sized enterprises have huge demand for capital, which is consistent with the requirement of Chinese enterprises.


Sino-German Metal Eco City will be completed in 2020 with a planned investment of 150 billion RMB, and its annual industrial output value is expected to be more than 150 billion RMB. Now six service centers in the park will be completed in June, and more than 400 enterprises of Jieyangwhich are scattered in the past will enter the park. It is expected that ten German enterprises will enter the park to start construction before April.

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