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Zhu Xiaodan meets with CEO of ALBA Group Dr. Axel Schweitzer

Source:Nanfang Daily Author:Nanfang Daily Date:2014-03-20

    Yesterday afternoon, Guangdong Governor Zhu Xiaodan met with CEO of ALBA Group Dr. Axel Schweitzer in Guangzhou.


    Governor Zhu Xiaodan expressed congratulation that ALBA Group, Jieyang municipal government, ZhongDe Metal Group and Guangdong Rising Assets Management Co., Ltd. successfully had signed a MOU on co-constructing Sino-German Resource Regeneration Base. Governor Zhu points out that now Guangdong is devoted to promoting the economic restructuring and the transformation and upgrading of industry, and leading the enterprises to the path of green development in order to deal with the environmental pollution that is accumulated due to the rapid economic development. The advanced environmental protection technologies brought by ALBA Group is what Guangdong desperately needs, and these technologies is of positive significance for dealing with the difficulties of low emission treatment and recycling of scrap materials and household waste. Governor Zhu expresses that Guangdong will adhere to opening wider to the world to introduce strategic emerging industries and high and new technology industries, especially environmental protection industries; meanwhile, provincial government and Jieyang municipal government will spare no effort to provide service for the project. Governor Zhu hopes that all parties could speed up to promote the project construction to create a model project of a significant exemplary and leading role, which is promoted throughout the province. Guangdong wishes to develop more future-oriented sustained and long-term cooperation with ALBA Group.


    Dr. Axel Schweitzer appreciates the great environmentcreated by the provincial and municipal governmentfor the project , and he wishes to make his contribution to help Guangdong solve the pollution.He has confidence in creating this project as a model in China.



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