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Schmitt: Sino-German Metal Eco-City has distinct advantage

Source:Jieyang news Author:Jieyang news Date:2013-12-10

Ms. Schmitt accepts the interview


    Ms. Schmitt, chief representative of Germany Trade and Invest in China, is deeply impressed by the pragmatic and positive spirit of Jieyang’s entrepreneurs. On Dec. 8th, Ms. Schmitt came to Jieyang to attend the symposium on the Innovation and Development of Sino-German Metal Eco-City and she said that Sino-German Metal Eco-City had a distinct advantage and provided great investment opportunities for German medium-sized and small enterprises when she was interviewed. 

    Although this was her first time to Jieyang, Ms. Schmitt was deeply impressed by Jieyang. She said that she was greatly impressed by the courage of Jieyang to do such a creative thing. After visiting many industrial parks, she often asked a question: Why German enterprises choose here? The answer is numerous, and it is often the case that they want a more open investment environment. She told the reporter that Sino-German Metal Eco-City was different for its distinct advantage. “We attach great importance to metal, and the metal industry of Jieyang has a long history and a solid foundation, which is the advantage of Jieyang. And Jieyang’s concept of ecological development coincides with Germany. So this is a great development opportunity for German medium-sized and small enterprises, and it is also the main reason why they were attracted to set up companies here.”


    Ms. Schmitt says that a great idea needs someone to carry out, to promote and to develop. She is deeply impressed by the pragmatic and positive spirit of Jieyang’s entrepreneurs. She thinks the planning and construction of Sino-German Metal Eco-City is amazing. After visiting the construction site, she finds the new change in every month and the high speed of the overall development. Within a year, the Metal Enterprises Union of Jieyang is founded and raises funds for development. The high speed of the construction and the overall progress are all amazing. In the overall planning, Sino-German Metal Eco-City takes into consideration the production, the park, the education and the housing. And it specially sets up services base for German experts, which makes the experts find a sense of belonging. 

    Ms. Schmitt says that many Germans are not familiar with Jieyang, so it needs more promotion. This symposium is of great significance.It helps the consensus to be reached among the relevant people who participate in the project construction and it makes more people to get familiar with Sino-German Metal Eco-City. She expresses that she will actively promote the project progress and make full use of the two offices of Sino-German Metal Eco-City in Germany to further strengthen exchanges and cooperation between Jieyang and German industry associations so as to increase the popularity of Jieyang.

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