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Jieyang Metal Enterprise Confederation entrepreneurs delegation to visit Germany and Spain

Source:Jieyang News Author:Jieyang News Date:2013-04-25

    Moment, in our country, high energy consumption, high pollution and low value-added traditional industries are facing a big test.

    Environmental carrying capacity limit is reached, the state vigorously pollution, reduce export competitiveness of RMB appreciation, rising labor costs and reduce corporate profits ...... a series of changes so that "two high and one low," the traditional industry is under increasing transformation and upgrading pressure, and Jieyang are caught in the metal processing industry. Jieyang GDP18% as representing a pillar industry, metal processing industry must pass this exam, but when the traditional extensive unsustainable model of development, the lack of brand, lack of technology, lack of talent, the fragmented nature of Jieyang metal industry how to achieve success upgrade? Jieyang Metal Business Association in support of the government, choose to go to Europe to learn from the advanced experience, through the transformation and upgrading of high-end co-knocking the door.

    April 9 from Jieyang metal Enterprise Confederation entrepreneurs delegation to Europe after 10 days of investigation, on April 20 successful completion of the inspection task returns Jieyang. The investigation by the Government to promote, support to get the International Liaison Department, the purpose is to seek Jieyang metal direct cooperation with foreign enterprises to learn advanced management experience in Europe, accelerate the promotion of Sino-German (South) metal eco-city construction, promote the city's metal industry especially entrepreneurs to upgrade. To maximize the entrepreneurs in the industrial transformation and upgrading in the main role, to save money, this investigation did not party and government cadres Staff Committee, all members from business, from the Jieyang Association vice president Lin Gengxing metals companies headed.

    During the visit, relying on the rich resources of the International Liaison Department, the delegation visited the German Federation of Trade Unions Hesse - Thuringia region union, the world's leading metals companies ThyssenKrupp, the German Ministry of Economic Affairs NRW, Hesse Ministry of Culture, Heinrich - Kelaiyiner vocational schools, higher engineering and design institute Spain, Spain Furniture Manufacturers and Exporters Association, AIMME Metalworking Technology Institute, Valencia Metal Enterprise Confederation, the Spanish Foreign Trade Export Board other units, and by the former German Defense Minister Funchal equality EU friends for their hospitality, reached a series of cooperation and achieved fruitful results.

    Industrial transformation and upgrading of the road trip entrepreneurs

    Industrial restructuring and upgrading, is inseparable from the transformation and upgrading of entrepreneurs. Promote industrial restructuring and upgrading as the main force, entrepreneurs influence the direction of the transformation and upgrading, determine the success of the transformation and upgrading. Jieyang Metal Business Association, vice president of Sun Genghao said: "come to Europe, that is, to broaden their horizons, open thinking, multi-touch with friends in Europe, changes in development thinking through the exchange of learning."

    During the inspection, the German steel company ThyssenKrupp almost zero emissions production environment, Sun Genghao quite mixed feelings. His calculations, Jieyang various metal enterprises in the metal surface treatment using various acid daily at least 1,000 tons of waste generated each year millions of tons of pickling, if they are not effectively treated wastewater on the environment pollution will be catastrophic.

    In fact, the metal industry, entrepreneurs have realized that the old production unsustainable model of development, continue, will not only endanger the enterprise, also harming future generations. But if you do not change the development of thinking, not getting outside, still alone, alone metal pollution and difficult work of individual enterprises. Single corporate pollution, which means high cost, if other companies do not follow pollution control, pollution control costs also appear high, no pollution, low cost, bad money drives out good money issue. To jump out of the prisoner's dilemma, Jieyang metals industry initiated the establishment last year as president of Jieyang to Wuke Dong Metal Enterprise Confederation, through the organization of trade associations, to achieve industrial capital accumulation, technological accumulation, production agglomeration Baotuan development. Jointly funded by the major companies, working together, pollution control, to achieve industrial restructuring and upgrading.

    Guangdong Province, the municipal government of the city leaders and the metal industry associations in the industrial upgrading in the main role gave full recognition and support. Provincial Party Secretary Hu Chunhua in the study German (South) metal eco-city construction planning, said: "metallic eco-city planning planning is very good, you should ensure implementation and accelerating." Hu Chunhua, secretary of the city to seriously implement the instructions, and actively coordinate ILD, ILD to be strongly supported, in a very short time and efficiently help Jieyang business delegation visits arranged travel and visa related matters.

    Through investigation, the city of metal transformation and upgrading of entrepreneurs urgency deeper experience, with Germany and Spain partners to negotiate to make them stronger confidence in the transformation and upgrading, ideas more clearly. Now, pushing restructuring and development, to solve the funding problem; relying German (South) Metal Eco-City platform to address the land issue; strengthen cooperation with European partners in the high-end, solution technology, brand, talent short board, has become the city's metal business home breakthrough industrial transformation and upgrading bottleneck consensus.

    Stones from other hills may serve to polish jade

    Select this visit to Germany as a major investigation is because Germany has a world-class metal processing technology and world-class environmental technologies, but also has the world's most comprehensive vocational education system.

    In Germany, the delegation and the NRW Ministry of Economic Affairs Bureau of Foreign Economic and International Thomas. Mr. Rick Massu depth exchanges. NRW is Germany's economy first continents to calculate GDP, its total economic output in the country can be discharged into the calculation of the world's top 20. Massu Rick said: "40 years ago, Germany's pollution is very serious, Rhine exudes stench. German dare shirt hanging in the outdoors, because white shirt hanging in the outdoors, will soon become a black shirt. Unremitting efforts, Germany pollution problem has been basically solved, and now, the Rhine is not only water quality, which also live in more than 20 kinds of fish. "

    Massu Rick described in detail to the delegation NRW pollution and industrial development experience related to business methods and the German situation, and expressed willingness to carry out extensive cooperation Jieyang metals industry. Delegation also affiliated with the European Enterprise Network NRW had to negotiate to learn more about the German metal industry related technology transfer issues. Through communication with relevant departments in Germany, Jieyang entrepreneurs metals industry pollution control paths and methods have a better understanding.

    For Jieyang metal industry, the transformation and upgrading of the core is to enhance the quality of people, and Germany (the South) metal eco-city planning important part is to follow the German dual education mode, the founder of Industrial Technology University of Applied Sciences, the establishment of Jieyang metal industrial development strategy of cultivating talent base.

    Delegation, Mr. Scharping's introduction, in-depth study of the German system of vocational education, visited the Hesse - Thuringia region vocational and technical schools affiliated unions Heinrich - Kelaiyiner schools, site visits German vocational schools teaching scene. German students after training to achieve the skill, the delegation was impressed and immediately reached with the relevant departments of vocational education and training cooperation, founder of industrial technology applications for the University of Jieyang accumulated valuable cooperation resources.

    Spain surprise

    The investigation is only a short trip in Spain two days, but the delegation brought no small surprise.

    Spain reached the first day, the delegation visited the famous Barcelona Higher Engineering and Design Institute (abbreviated Elisava). Elisava only university in Spain ranked first sub-schools, also ranked first in the Spanish School of Design. The school in the world's largest business services, training a large number of excellent designers, and the Guangdong authorities have extensive cooperation. After their talks, Elisava Jieyang metals companies on the design and showed great interest in cooperation, and expressed willingness to Jieyang organized by the global metal furniture Contest on further cooperation.

    In Spain international investment advisory firm EMERGIA PARTNERS introduction, the delegation also visited Spain Furniture Manufacturers and Exporters Association, vice chairman of the Association printed Magulade. Rui yee described in detail to the delegation of the Spanish Association of Furniture situation and said that if conditions permit, will co-host the global metal furniture Contest.

    In addition, the delegation also visited AIMME Metalworking Technology Institute, Valencia Metal Enterprise Confederation, to understand the Spanish metal industry, metal industry, particularly the pollution of the relevant circumstances, for the two sides to lay the foundation for further cooperation in the future.

    Friendship Tour rapid march Tour

    The visit, Everywhere, Jieyang delegations are subject to European partners high standard of hospitality. Twice with the delegation, Mr. Scharping dinner banquet for Economic Affairs NRW guests from afar, Spain EMERGIA PARTNERS companies in the scenic beach of Barcelona for the delegation chose the best local seafood restaurants.

    Despite the careful arrangement of European friends, but the delegation's visit is not easy. 10 days itinerary was full to the brim, the delegation after each negotiation game, immediately rushed to the place of the next meeting, dinner, after almost have to wait until 8:00 before eating. Especially in Spain, delegation to Valencia, one day round trip over 10 hours, but the members of the delegation without complaint, and hope that use of valuable time and opportunity, more visits, more negotiations.

    Beginning of fruitful cooperation Journey Journey

    The visit, and achieved fruitful results. Jieyang Metal Enterprise Confederation and Scharping, Mr. Hesse - Thuringia region became the union reached a preliminary cooperation intention; Spanish Furniture Manufacturers and Exporters Association, Barcelona advanced engineering and design colleges are expressed in supporting global metal furniture Contest desire; Jieyang metal Enterprise Confederation and several German, Spanish partners to establish a link for the next step to broaden Jieyang and European cooperation has laid a solid foundation.

    Delegation, Jieyang metal vice president Lin Gengxing Enterprise Confederation, said: "This visit is just the beginning, through the visit, we set up a network of exchanges with European companies, through this network, the future Jieyang metals companies in terms of technology, investment or educational and other fields, can be carried out directly with the relevant counterparts enterprise-depth exchanges. This is a groundbreaking journey to the future, we will gain more from this visit. "



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