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Guangdong Jieyang to build eco-city power metal "Beautiful China"

Source:Xinhua Author:Xinhua Date:2013-01-12

    Xinhua Beijing December 25 electricity China Southern (Jieyang) Metal Eco-City a few days ago in the "People's Daily" published advertisements out ten million annual salary recruitment CEO. This information is transmitted through the micro-Bo, immediately aroused the concern of many users.


    Jieyang, located in southeast of Guangdong, is a famous hardware industrial base. But the global financial crisis, the European debt crisis and domestic macroeconomic downturn, Jieyang metals industry is experiencing brutal "winter."


    While the face of tight resource constraints, environmental pollution, ecosystem degradation grim situation, how to enhance the capability of independent innovation, to achieve the metal industry to upgrade and become Jieyang imperative.


    "The ecological civilization construction in a prominent position, into economic construction, political construction, cultural construction, social construction, and all aspects of the whole process, and strive to build a beautiful China to achieve sustainable development of the Chinese nation," eighteen report presents the construction of ecological civilization and "Beautiful China" ambitions. It is in this context, the focus "smart metal city, eco-town" in Jieyang metal eco-city came into being.


    Metal is synonymous with pollution, the ordinary man, a pair of metal and ecological paradox. Metal GDP and how to achieve eco-city green uniform? Face of challenge, Jieyang give a solemn response.


    From the program began, Jieyang put the "eco" placed in a prominent position.


    According to the plan, the city will be a metal garden approach for scientific rational distribution of the metal into the surrounding city region's economic development and achieve sustainable business oriented, intelligent infrastructure, industrial ecology and life of green leaves.


    "The current government, industry associations, enterprises more unified understanding of environmental protection, construction of the park more profound understanding of the urgency, the new park in all aspects of environmental conditions are basically ripe", Jieyang Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, said Fu-friendly, development and construction of a new metal industrial city, is conducive to the intensive use of land resources, focus on environmental management, will become co-ordinate Jieyang economic development, resource conservation and environmental protection, the relationship among the most effective way.


    Jieyang electroplating pickling industry to focus on producing primary centralized management, synchronization with the production and processing zones, metal city started simultaneously functional areas of environmental protection, the admission of metal production and processing enterprises for pollution centralized management, construction of sewage treatment plants and waste gas concentration treatment facilities. In the full use of space at the same time, through afforestation and ventilation to improve air quality, the introduction of professional recycling companies stationed operations.


    Jieyang also organized the county town and village cadres and the masses of the people face to face communication to eliminate concerns, organize cadres and village representatives to Huizhou, Jiangmen and other places visit pickling electroplating industrial park planning and construction, the local cadres and the masses of metal and ecological relationships with new understanding.


    Both gold and silver mines, but also mountains, to accomplish this goal requires both vision also requires courage. Today, Jieyang being addressed through China Southern (Jieyang) metal eco-city construction, the "Beautiful Jieyang" gorgeous turn.

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