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Signing ZhongDe Metal Eco-City Cooperation Agreement with Rudolf Scharping

Source:ZhongDe Metal Group Co., Ltd Author:Huang Jialing Date:2013-04-28

      April 27, 2013, Rudof Scharping, former German Federal Minister of Defense and former chairman of the German Social Democratic Party, with the delegation visited Metal Enterprises Union of Jieyang again and the formal ZhongDe Metal Eco-City Cooperation Agreement with MEUJ. Leaders attending the event are municipal leaders Chen Lvping, Chen Dong, Huang GengCheng, Chen Chengmin, Chen Dingxiong, etc. and Jieyang metal enterprises representatives.

      Jieyang municipal party secretary Chen Lvping and Mayor of Jieyang Chen Dong extended their welcome to Rudolf Scharping and the delegation, highly appreciated that Mr.Scharping leaded the elite to visit Jieang once again and discuss the details of the cooperation, which showed the friendship with Jieyang and Mr.Scharping’s high attention to the cooperation.

      Mayor Chen Dong introduced the substantial progress of the construction of ZhongDe Metal Eco-City. So far, the construction goes on well, the industrial park planning is further improved, the construction projects such as public service platforms, sewage treatment facilities, main roads in the park, etc., are effectively carried out, and the cooperation between MEUJ and Germany is clearer.

      Mr.Scharping said, he was glad to see the substantial progress that ZhongDe Metal Eco-City made in such a short time. Jieyang has a good metal industrial base and the cooperation between China and Germany also lays a solid foundation. Both sides should take full advantages of resources and strengthen the cooperation to build ZhongDe Metal Eco-City into an internationally known and influential project by learning from German advanced management experience and technology, bringing in German dual vocational education system.

      Afterwards, the chairman of MEUJ Wu Kedong and Rudolf Scharping successfully signed the cooperation agreement. Signing the formal cooperation agreement makes the China-Germany cooperation to be closer, the ways of cooperation to be more diversified. The following cooperation is expected to focus on the public platforms construction such as dual system vocational education, technical innovation, industrial design, etc., the further cooperation on the industrial park planning, construction and management to achieve win-win cooperation.





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