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Germany's former defense minister, the SPD chairman - Rudolf Scharping-hand exposing visits

Source:Jieyang Daily Author:Chenzhen Wen/Cai Zeqing Date:2013-02-27

Rudolf Scharping and Li Jinjun Chen Dong, etc., accompanied by the visit City Metal Business Association. Yang Jibin photo

    This month on the 24th to the 25th, former German defense minister, the SPD chairman Rudolf. Scharping Li Jinjun, vice minister of the International Liaison Department, accompanied by hand-exposing visits, and the city signed with the German eco-city construction metal strategic cooperation framework agreement. City leaders Chen Lvping, Chen Dong, Liu Guangming, Chencheng Min, Chen Dingxiong attended the relevant activities.

    24 afternoon, the Provincial Committee, Governor Zhu Xiaodan, Mr. Scharping in discussion with the city, the two sides reached a consensus on the construction of the first pilot city German metal eco-city, focusing on research and design, low-carbon green growth, highly skilled personnel training, learn from advanced management experience in Germany and other aspects deepen cooperation, and strive to create a collaborative effort with a demonstration significance.

    During the mortgage, Li Jinjun and his party visited the Scharping City Metal Enterprise Confederation and the German Jiashi Auto Parts (Holdings) Limited (authorized) manufacturers Mido Industrial Co., Ltd. Jieyang, China Southern (Jieyang) Metal ecological City, preparation of the German industry University, Guangdong wheel mold Co., Ltd., Guangdong Bao cookware products Limited. Mayor Chen Dong, etc. briefed the guests on the city's metal industry and China Southern (Jieyang) metal eco-city of the situation. Jieyang to Mr. Scharping private economic activity, corporate restructuring and upgrading a strong desire to strengthen cooperation with the city said it would actively promote industrial restructuring and upgrading the city's metal.

    Lantern Festival night, Li Jinjun and Scharping party also watched Yongge Rongcheng District, Zhongshan Street Music Club Community Yang Garden tidal wave of music performances, broke floor Zheng, "Weng Chai Lights", "Dragon and Lion jump Lantern Festival" traditional Lion Dance martial arts show activities and the public together with the Jieyang, line color bridge, touch the lions, I hope the New Year good luck. Unique local characteristics of the Lantern Festival folk activities, so, Mr. Scharping cooing, told reporters he is especially excited: "amazing, this represents Jieyang cultural heritage, especially wonderful!"

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